April 27, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

One of my new FAVE stores on Etsy! JayHell has a TON of awesome prints. A few of them are below but there were too many GREAT ones to post so GO TAKE A LOOK!


This store is kind of like a Garden Ridge and I have only been once but they have some cool stuff!

Loving this rug... It should be in my living room... SOON

The flowers my office sent me for Admin Day! Prettiness!

This comforter from target... not really the pillows but I love this knock off Anthropologie comforter!

The thought of running another half marathon... I am LOVING the thought... now if I could only get to the training!!! If it were only that easy... I will do it this year... It maybe LATE this year but I WILL DO IT!

The Elmo Fizzy Tub Colors the Easter Bunny brought Channing. She could really care less about them but they are so fun! Who wouldn't want to take a bath in pink water! Come on!!!

This car is so pretty! I would love to drive it one day... Don't worry I am in NO HURRY to get it I do love Flossy but this is one pretty car.

Because I can't do too many posts without a sweet picture of my angel baby!

Tie shirts for boys. I just think they are adorable! Also on Zulily today!!

I want to go eat here sometime soon! Their menu with their burgers looks delish and they have 'snacks' with one of them being DEVILED EGGS!!!! YUMMY!

This Flash Chill Lemonade Maker! I found it on Brookstone's Website but it is on Zulily for $18.49 today! How awesome would that be in the summer... If you want to check it out and you are not a member of Zulily here is a referral link!

Loving that Channing is on Milk now and LOVES it!

Congrats! You made it to the end! Happy Wednesday!

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