April 21, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday!!!

Awesome: Family dinners. I am talking my little family of three. Both Chandler and I grew up eating dinner together as a family every night. It was important to us to implement that in our own family. Up until we had Channing we would usually eat in the living room or even separately if one of us was working out etc. But, now that we have a little one it is so fun to all sit down and eat and talk about our days. I think it is so important. I have some great memories from nightly dinners at my parents table when I was growing up. (of course I love BIG family dinners/get togethers too!)

Awesome: The DELISH Indian food a co-worker's wife made and brought up for our WHOLE office yesterday! I haven't had Indian food since it sent me into labor when I was preggo with Channing! Boy was it good!


Awkward: being told by a male co-worker that I looked like a 70's assassin one day this week when my hair was curly/wavy and I was wearing a black tunic and black leggings. He said something like a cross between Farrah Fawcett and a Bond girl. Hummmm, thank you... I think?

Awesome: Mi madre emailing me at work telling me she had made chicken enchiladas and had plenty for us if we wanted them to take home for dinner! Good food? No Cooking? YES PLEASE! She also bought the wrong detergent for her fancy washing machine and so I also scored a brand new case of laundry detergent SAMS size! Ya hoo! Thanks mom!

Awkward: Four way stops! I swear grown adults turn into idiots when they come to a four way stop! I witness this on a daily basis!!!! (this is SO true!)

Awkward/Stinking CUTE: This Easter Bunny is SCARY looking... why are his eye's black holes? Channing is SO CUTE but the look on her face is like 'get me the heck out of here!' HAHAHA!

Awkward or just NOT AWESOME: new breaks for 'Flossy' the Jetta! I hate spending money on things like that. I isn't very fun!

Awesome: this little gem. Bandit... Cheap and pretty tasty white wine. Don't get me wrong I love the more expensive wines too but this is great for a glass here and there when you drink mostly reds! I can always find it at Target!

Awesome: Running again, not the picture, and working out a running schedule with the hubs! On the weekends we run together mostly but during the week we are switching off from one night to the other so after Channing goes down I can run and the next night Chandler can run! I has worked out GREAT!

Awesome: Flats I ordered from XXI with my gift card!

Awesome: this fabulous four day work week

Happy Thursday (FRIDAY) Peeps!

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  1. First, I had that EXACT same black jetta. I LOVED IT SO MUCH! Second, that wine sounds like something I need to try. AND you can buy it at Target, even better! I LOVE those flats, do they come in other colors??