April 30, 2011

Random Stuff Saturday

This is how I celebrated the Royal Wedding yesterday at my office! And YES I always keep my tiara in my desk drawer. What princess doesn't??

A few pics from Easter Sunday!

How am I just now finding out about this?! Thank you to my friend Heather I was finally informed that this is a new beverage I MUST try! Check out the description:

Shiner Ruby Redbird is brewed with genuine Texas Rio Red Grapefruit, the signature sweet citrus of the Rio Grande Valley, and ginger. This lager beer features grapefruit tartness and finishes with a 'lil kick of ginger. With Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit and Ginger, Shiner Ruby Redbird is a crisp and refreshing summer beer.

Love this pic of Channing and I. I was trying to get her to smile in the back seat and she covered her face with her bib... that made me laugh... like no more momma!

LOVE my new hair dryer... It is a tad louder than my last one but MUCH lighter and dries my hair a lot faster!

We signed our family of three up for swim lessons. The lessons are for Channing of course but the class is a family class! We are doing it with some friends and their little one! It should be TONS of fun... They will be so cute learning to swim!

I want to try this... it is at drugstores for $6 and apparently it is AWESOME!

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  1. Channing looks ADORABLE on Easter. LOVE the tiara! You rock it so well girl :)