April 14, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday!!!

Awkward- Drama's 'man-dime' makeover on Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory the other night!

Awesome- e.l.f cosmetics! Cheap and most of everything I have tried I have enjoyed to the max! YAY!
Awesome- It is almost FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY! Chandler will HATE this little nugget of goodness I have posted below!

Awesome... Moomah

This was in the Daily Candy Kid's e-mail I get! This is what they had to say about Moomah:

Moomah the Journal To NYC moms, it’s the hottest creative play cafe in town. To us, it’s home base for a game-changing parenting movement — one that encourages thoughtful, imaginative, and fulfilling interactions with your kids. Not in NYC? Moomah’s founder, Tracey Stewart, just launched a monthly journal of ideas and activities to do at home that reinforce the spirit of her Tribeca hot spot. (via)

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