April 8, 2011

California-San Francisco-Day One!

We Started out landing in SF on Monday morning around 9am! Got our luggage and convertible and headed out on the open California road! We went straight to Sausalito to check into our hotel. It is a little town across the bay from SF and we LOVED it! It is so beautiful! Our room was a beaut Clark! After we grabbed a jacket we went out to explore the town a little and grab some lunch before we got on a ferry to head over to Fisherman’s Wharf. The little cafĂ© was really good. We sat outside and ate as we watched the little bay and people walk by! IMG_2808IMG_2810IMG_2811IMG_2812

Our BEAUTIFUL hotel! We stayed in the ‘modern’ side but the white/blue-ish building next door was also part of the hotel. The only thing about that side is that you have no elevator and you have to walk a million steps to your rooms. IMG_2813IMG_2817IMG_2819IMG_2822

This guy on the bench with the wiener dog played the guitar and put sunglasses on him and had a whole show prepared for people waiting to get on the ferry and people getting off the ferry! It was funny!IMG_2823

Golden Gate Bridge from the ferry!IMG_2825


Waiting on our treats in Ghirardelli!!!!! Chandler got a brownie sundae and I got a salted caramel drinking chocolate! YUMMM in my TUMMM!IMG_2857IMG_2858IMG_2859IMG_2860At breakfast the next morning… we just walked from our hotel and found a cute little hole in the wall coffee shop!IMG_2861IMG_2862IMG_2865

Stay tuned… there are about 6 more days to come!!!!


  1. Looks like day one was super fun.... and yummy!

  2. Such cute pics. I wish we could have met up :(