April 18, 2011

California Napa Day 4

IMG_2950We started the day at Alpha Omega. We did a tasting and then enjoyed the scenery… how could you not?IMG_2951IMG_2953IMG_2954IMG_2955
After that we headed to VSattui Winery. It has a GORGEOUS picnic area and a GREAT deli. We grabbed some snacks, a bottle of wine and TOTALLY enjoyed the winery!IMG_2956IMG_2957IMG_2959IMG_2960IMG_2961IMG_2962The barrel storage room!IMG_2963IMG_2964IMG_2965IMG_2966IMG_2967
IMG_2969IMG_2970Words to live by!IMG_2971IMG_2972IMG_2973AMAZING foodie store!IMG_2978IMG_2979IMG_2980We headed up the hills to Rombauer winery! Now if you want to see the beauty of Napa… this is where it is at people!IMG_2981IMG_2982IMG_2983IMG_2984 
IMG_2986IMG_2988IMG_2989IMG_2996IMG_2997IMG_2998IMG_2999IMG_3000IMG_3001IMG_3003IMG_3004IMG_3005IMG_3007IMG_3008IMG_3010IMG_3011IMG_3013IMG_3014I spy a Kelsey IMG_3017IMG_3018IMG_3020Here I am!
IMG_3021IMG_3022IMG_3023We ended at Milat winery where we stayed at their B&B. Yes, that is it… the small little building right there… it was COZY!IMG_3026IMG_3029IMG_3030IMG_3031IMG_3033IMG_3034IMG_3037
What a way to end our last day in Napa!

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