April 20, 2011

I Spy... Around My House Edition!

This HAPPY girl this morning!

My 'Keep Calm & Drink Wine' print in my kitchen above my pantry! Great reminder at night HA!

My CRAZY bulldog Benz greeting me this fine morning!

Oh there is the start of a new collection of wine corks!

The princess is here! Miss Channing!

The funny note the hubs wrote to remind himself to take the Greenberg Turkey to his mom today for Easter!

Oh thats the first collection of wine corks!

What do you spy in your home?? Go to LMM's blog to join in!!

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  1. CUTE! :) I love that we both collect wine corks!

  2. Thanks for letting us snoop into your life. I love the doggy. I see that you are also playing along with Ashley of Eisy Morgan's birthday Bash. Isn't it such a wonderful event?

  3. love the wine cork idea! that's so cute! i'm your newest follower from LMM :)