March 2, 2011



This sweet face slept ALL night last night! Can I get an amen?! I am not bragging... no that isn't it at all. I am just merely celebrating this little fact! Ahhhhhh delightful!

Cutie patootie dressed for school yesterday in her Gap dress from Aunt Shelbs! Shelby and Brandon are expecting a baby girl in July! What a GREAT month to be born! We already love their baby girl so much! Channing can't wait to hold her and have a best girlfriend!

Channing found Bentley's dog bed last night and played on and with it for a good 20 minutes or so... it was too cute!

After being well rested she was such a delight this morning!!! Since it is March her shirt says
'Mommy's Lucky Charm'
Class pictures are coming up soon! I just cannot wait! How cute is that going to be?! We also scheduled her 1 year photo shoot for March 24Th! Her actual 1 year birthday! I can't wait and I am searching for which outfits she will wear and picture ideas!!!! YAY!
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