March 10, 2011

Something Brand New.... Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

  • Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

    I have decided to participate in Awkward and Awesome Thursday over at The Daybook! Let me just say that this blog is awesome... And for my innagural AATH... Here it goes!
  • I am not a guy (hello captain OBVI) but if I were I would consider this (pic above) VERY awkward!

  • The UPS guy air kissed me today

  • The next door neighbor telling Chandler and I that her little dogs love 'talking' to our dogs through the fence and us wanting to SCREAM 'half the time our dogs aren't outside and your annoying little yappady yappers are talking to nothing.... at 10:30 pm!!!)

  • My family

  • My dogs

  • Zulily

  • Channing's Birthday Party

  • Champagne in a can

  • Fake Bake

  • Easter Sweetarts