March 15, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday!!

Two Random Facts About ME!

1. I LOVE reality TV! I can't help it... it sucks me in!

Nicole Richie... Mostly I LOVE her fashion style! Big glasses LOVE them!

I know a lot of people don't like them or think they aren't great at all but I like them. Great fashion and a good family. Our values don't always match up but I don't think they are bad people. Kourtney is a GREAT mom and I can't peel myself away from their reality shows!

LOVE Bethany! Love her! She is so funny, has made a great living for herself, is a great mom, has a great little family.

2. I feel TONS better when I have a little color! I used to tan in a tanning bed before I had Channing. I think a little color just makes me look a little healthier and feel a little better! But, I refuse to tan in a tanning bed now and so I use Fake Bake. I get spray tanned with it every now in then but I use the lotion in between. To me it looks pretty natural...


  1. I only ever tanned in a tanning bed for dances and formals and I too loooove reality tv. Especially Nicole Richie!

  2. Isnt it amazing how a little sun makes you feel like a NEW WOMEN?

  3. Oooh I love reality tv and almost every show on Bravo! It is my guilty pleasure for sure!