March 16, 2011

Spring/Summer Things I am LOVING!

Thursday night concerts at The Harbor in Rockwall

Beer-rita's by the pool/lake/on a patio! Except we do not add Sprite... I bet that would be delish

Grilling out

Although the spring forward thing has made me totally tired and screwed Channing's sleep up a little bit we love that it stays light outside later and that we aren't driving home in the dark anymore!

Being able to run and take walks outside with the family

Our neighborhood pool

A good patio to a beverage on

Summer Brews

White wine

This dress

And this one...

This caftan

This top

And this one too....

This suit!

* What are the things you LOVE about spring/summer?*

(all fashion images linked to their particular site)


  1. I ADORE this post girl! That bathing suit is amazing, I LOVE that you call it grilling out in Texas (CA calls it BBQ), AND you always have the coolest pools....I want to move to TX

  2. I posted that yellow top last week :) And you are a girl after my own heart with the booze :)

  3. i want that bathing suit--but this year make it a one piece...