March 17, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday!

Today I am just randomly listing my Awkward & Awesome's! Blogger makes it really difficult to put pictures in a particular order after you have already uploaded them!
AWKWARD/AWESOME- Meeting Stoney LaRue and the three of us (Tami,Shelby,Me) not knowing what to say so we just say, 'Hey.' Then ask to take a picture!

AWESOME- Tuesday night pizza and wine with Lexi, Toni, & Chandler and then practicing wedding hair for Lexi's BIG day! We had a ton of fun!

AWESOME- Going to bed at 8:30pm last night! VERY AWESOME!

AWKWARD- The nice guy on the elevator saying to me, 'Whoa you should really get a cart or something to carry all that mail, there is a TON of it.' Um thank you for the suggestion but maybe next time you could offer some help haha!

AWESOME- These sparkly shoes from LuLu's... Too dang cute!

AWESOME- Visiting GREAT friends last weekend!

AWESOME- Lexi's Lingerie Shower

AWKWARD- Having to have a bathroom buddy every time any of us girls go to the bathroom at work because we had some creepers creep in the ladies restroom last week.

AWESOME- I am sporting the messy high bun today! Took all of ten minutes this morning! LOVELY!

AWESOME- Walking in to Channing's school this morning and seeing the director dressed as a leprechaun! MADE MY DAY!

AWESOME- Having mom(s) that are such a HUGE help with the planning etc that is going into Channing's party! We are two lucky kiddos! (Chandler & I)

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