March 17, 2011

The ABC's Of Me

So I saw this on Neely's blog and I wanted to join in the fun!

The ABCs of Me!

{a} age; 27
{b} bed size; Queen... next bed will be a king!
{c} chore you hate; putting away laundry and dishes
{d} dogs; 2 benz an english bulldog and bentley a maltese
{e} essential start to your day: a cup of coffee and checking emails
{f} favorite color; hummmm right now I am loving GOLD
{h} height; 5'1"
{i} instruments you play; now? none... i was in percussion in middle school haha
{j} job title; receptionist/assistant
{k}kids; 1 Channing Layne
{l} live; Lavon TX
{m} mom's name; Carol
{n} nicknames; Kels. Babe. Chunch. Momma (channing calls me this :) )
{o} overnight hospital stays; surgery when I was 1 or so... when I had Channing
{p} pet peeve; not using turn signals (same as neely) women putting on their make up or staring at their phones while driving (sometimes I look at my phone at a light but not while driving)
{q} quote from a movie; go out and buy yourself something real nice...
{r} right- or left-handed; Right
{s} siblings; 2 brothers... don carlos and boongie
{t} time you wake up; between 5 and 530 hopefully during the week and on the weekends we usually make it at least until 7am if Channing allows it!
{u} underwear; yes I own them and wear them
{v} vegetables you dislike; not a huge fan of corn and I don't like cooked carrots
{w} what makes you run late; oh goodness there isnt enough room haha
{x} x-rays you've had; teeth, arm
{y} yummy food you make; danielle's bean dip, spaghetti sauce, poppyseed chicken, italian chicken (thank you rolan solan), roast, buffalo dip, cake balls, oreo balls, mexican casserole, chicken and dumplings (thank you Heather Baker) and many more... Im not a bad cook if I have a good recipe!
{z} zoo - favorite animal; I like dogs

Now I tag ALL of you to do this!!


  1. I've been LOVING your posts lately :) LOVE getting to know you!