March 22, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday!!

Top Two Dream Rooms

1. Most any room done by Sixx Design otherwise known as the Novogratz Family. Not only did they have the awesome show '9 by design' on BRAVO and design amazingly awesome spaces, they are a great family. They LOVE each other. They are good parents and LOVE their kids. They teach their kids important things in life as parents should and are VERY cool. Just take a look below!

The tub is wonderful!

2. I think most people know I am a fan of wine... and ever since I saw this light fixture in Pottery Barn's catalog I have wanted one. I refuse to pay that for it and I really feel like it is something that one could make themselves... so if you know how... let me know! :)
I love the warm 'homie' feeling of dining rooms. I LOVE big family gatherings and I love sitting for hours with a glass of wine and visiting! I might change the fabric on the chairs, but this room is pretty perfect!


  1. love that PB dining room... and i'm with you on the chandeliers... just lovely.

  2. I'm not sure that tub would work for me but it does look very interesting! I really like the wine bottle chandeliers in the dining room :)

  3. Anything Pottery Barn and I am IN LOVE :)