April 9, 2013

The Weekend On Tuesday

So I will start with my outfit today! Wanted to share not because it is anything special but just because I really like it. The end.
This is one of my favorite songs and this came on Pandora this morning. This guy has an awesome voice! Perfect way to start the day!
And now... we go back in time for the weekend recap. Channing and I traveled to Ikea this weekend to pick up a chair for her to sit at our dining room table! My MIL gave it to Channing as part of her birthday gift and we headed out there to pick it up!
Lets make no mistake... I love Ikea but holy conolly... that place can get CRAY on the weekend. 

My plan (Chandler doesn't know it yet) but now probably does is to replace my dining chairs with these beauts. I am totally into these clear chairs... modern and comfy and will go with my vintage/modern look I am going for. SO, who wants to buy 6 espresso wooden HEAVY dining chairs from World Market? 

My sweet girl sitting on her new chair... it i so stinking awesome and she loves it!

Everybody in our new hood sits in their front yard... so we got some chairs too!

I asked Channing to pose at the faux closet system so I could show Chandler.... Planning for my closet room!
Now I will leave you with photography by Channing. She asked to use my phone camera the other day. I showed her how and she walked around snappping pics of all sorts of things. So funny and cute. ENJOY and Happy Tuesday!


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  1. Pretty chairs! Will look great with your table, love the clear "ghost" look too!