April 15, 2013


Lets start the weekend wrap up post with this AWESOME picture!
Chandler had been out of town for work Thursday & Friday went to go pick up Channing at school to surprise her! She was SO excited and they sent me a picture with a Bomanite hard hat haha! DOLL FACE!

One of the distributors that Chandler's office work with also has a chicken coup!
She sent LOTS of fresh eggs for us and they are so good. Something about fresh eggs! I love the taste! Chandler told her I have been interested for a LONG time in getting our own 'Urban' chickens and she is totally on board with telling me all about it! I am excited to learn. MAYBE get our own.
What do you guys think? Any of y'all have 'urban' chickens. Thoughts?
I am asking your opinions! 

My MIL came over Saturday morning and took Channing to the park so we could get in a 'long' run! The first in a few months! We ran from our house to white rock lake and back which ended up being a little over 6 miles! YAY! Felt so good and made me so happy we did it!

We went by Craft and Growler and filled a few growlers and had a few drinks while Chandler decided what to get. This is my little fashionista on her lap top just working away! 

Then we were treated to her photography skills again!

Anybody know these guys haha!

All that picture taking wore her out!

Sunday was spent doing the reg.... grocery shopping cleaning laundry organizing for the week... Oh it's Monday and I am not done with laundry yet.... all in time my friends!
I had dressing up to do with Channing then we took pictures of our outfits!
Guess who took my picture??


My little GOOF!

She also spent some of her afternoon taking more pictures until my phone filled up!
Laundry... this is real life people!

Trying to organize in my fairy skirt!

A special shout out to our friends Nick & Danielle who gave Channing this Dora phone! She loves it and HAD to bring it to the dinner table last night!
Nick said if she starts instagramming her food then we should start worrying hahaha!

Happy Monday!!!!!!

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