April 18, 2013


So I am TOTALLY into all things BOHO right now. I have always loved this look but last nights episode of Rachel Zoe reminded me of exactly how much I love this look that can be worn SO MANY different ways!
Like Rachel said... Boho can be so many different looks. What does that 70's Boho girl look like today?!
Check out March's issue of Glamour to see the shoot she styled.
ALL of the images were taken from my Pinterest board
Top know oversized maxi LOVE
VERY Boho... Now WHERE can I get these necklaces??
The head scarf... a Trend I WILL be trying
Glam Boho
Sweet and simple maxi
Flares . Flowy Tunic. Wedges
Love this flowy dress for summer
Dip dyed
And ALWAYS a fan of the maxi fur combo

And here is today's blurry Boho look I am wearing. The only thing I wish I had grabbed from my closet is my floppy wool hat. It is 50 degrees in Dallas today!
Make Thursday great!
Of course my thoughts and prayers are with those in West, Texas. It is not an after thought to me but honestly I have been so saddened by this weeks events locally and beyond that my heart hurts a little for the world we live in. Trying to keep it lighthearted on the blog today. West is very near and dear to many of us in Dallas. Man people I know have actual immediate family in and around that small sweet town. Our thoughts prayers and hearts go out to the town and people of West.
Praying for this world and praying that God's greater plan shines through.

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