April 17, 2013


I did actually 'run for Boston' yesterday. This is all I could fit in time wise but I did it. I truly did think of all of those affected while running and how terrible and scary the whole thing is.
I read an article yesterday about a mom asking her daughter if she really thought she was ready for a kiddo. She replied saying that she would be fine not being able to go anywhere she wanted whenever she wanted etc and she was fine with her body changing. That wasn't what the mom meant at all. She wanted her daughter to understand that after she had a child everything would change. The way she looked at everyday things. She would always look at tragedies with a 'what if' in mind. That's how I have been feeling. It is SCARY to think 'what if..' so I try to stay away from that but my heart goes out to all of those affected. What if that had been Chandler or I running and Channing and our family there cheering us on? What if that had been one of our friends or family members. I am thankful it wasn't but my heart truly hurts for those that have any connection to the terrible act that was committed Monday. As a mom I want to protect Channing from everything bad and mean and horrible. I know I won't be able to always do that but I will do my best. It is a SCARY world we live in but I do believe there is still a lot of good in the world. I want Channing to see the GOOD and not all the bad. I want her to seek out the good in people and be a loving person. I know that God is guiding us as parents and I have to keep that in mind and pray that we will make the best possible decisions for her while we can.

In other news... I had a few glasses of wine after dinner last night...

Also... I am on Keek now. I don't really understand it but its fun! If you are on Keek follow me... super interesting.... YA RIGHT!


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  1. It's hard to NOT think of the "what if's" as a parent. I hate that our world is so scary and I hate feeling helpless, like I can't protect my own. But that's why I pray :) Chandler & Channing are lucky to have you! <3