April 22, 2013

Monday Already?!

Seriously the weekends seem to go by faster and faster each time.
We had a FULL fun weekend! Our friends Nick and Danielle were back in town for Nick's mom's 60th birthday party and stayed with us Friday night. Saturday we played with Channing ran a few errands and dropped her off to spend the night at my parents house so we could head to Teresa's 60th birthday party!
Sunday we met my parents at church and Channing's CCDC and went to the CCDC carnival! It was a blast!
Check out the video below. I am a hoss!
Yep thats me schlepping Channing up the slide on my back! Be impressed!

Funny Faces!

I LOVE this pic of Channing and my dad. Blow up worthy for sure!

Trying to recreate a picture and just ended up looking silly!

My pretty silly girl!

Sliding FUN!

Seriously adorable!

Happy Monday!

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