April 4, 2013


 OK Friends! Lets help a sista out! I am looking for this romper by Stella & Jamie in XS.
The 'Rosie' romper!
It is the cutest thing since Channing and I must have it. Look it up and check out the back... to die for!

Today's work #OOTD

The best part about my morning! I stopped by Starbucks because my coffee got cold on the drive to work. I was running late because Channing seemed like she felt bad and needed some extra TLC. I went inside because the drive thru was CRAZY long. I got out my little giftcard to use and BAM my drink with reusable cup was FREE paid for by some bank nearby! LOVE when I get random awesomeness thrown my way! Pay it forward dolls!
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  1. Love that romper! I'll keep my eye out for sure! Also love when I'm in the SB drive thru and the car ahead gets my coffee... makes me feel like this world is going to be OK. The little things you know! ;)

  2. Yes! I would love to ship some goodies to ya. Anytime! Also, I'm just running the half. Maybe one day I'll do the full...it's on my bucket list. The thought of training for it is almost overwhelming to me. Haven't you done a full? I just wonder how it is training with a kiddo. Congrats on the new house!!