November 14, 2011

Weekend Recap... Strep Throat Edition!

OK so last week was a BUMMER of a week for our little family and mainly for Miss C! She ran fever Sunday night... Dr Monday... Strep Test positive.... feels better and goes back to school Thursday only to come home with Hand Foot & Mouth virus. She just couldn't catch a break. So with some slight cabin fever and chilly temps we tried to get this sweet girl on the mend and keep her occupied...

Trying sidewalk chalf for the first time!

Smiling after playing with PopPop and Breen while Momma & Daddy ran 9 miles!

LOTS of snuggles.... And may I say LOTS of ELMO.... Goodness I didn't think I'd get tired of Elmo... but I might have had my fill this week :)

Found Ladybugs!

Weren't too sure of said Ladybugs

Tried to wear out some pent up energy!

Got a shipment of wine! OH HAPPY DAY!

Sunday was able to get out in public and go to Bass Pro with daddy!

Chandler used his new Bradley Smoker for the first time yesterday and smoked a whole chicken...



SO GOOD!!!!! It turend out perfect! YAY!!!

Got ready for school this morning and wiped down and sanitized haha! I think our house probably smelled like lysol and bleach from the outside! We are ready for a good full week and then next week is short because its THANKSGIVING!!! YAY... I love the holidays!!! I also love cutting down our Xmas tree! WOOHOO!

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