November 18, 2011

Its That Time Of Year...

It is that time of year again! One of my fave times of the year. The time you get to pick out your family Christmas or Holiday card! I love seeing all of the new designs each year and love going through them deciding which one might be the best for our family and which one might not be used by one of our family members or friends!

Tiny Prints is one of the premier sites to go to when deciding which card you want to send out!

They always have new modern designs each year! And every year it seems that the selection gets LARGER & LARGER! Whether you like cheery and bright or modern and understated there will be something for your family that fits just right!

I heard yesterday on the radio when choosing what to wear for family holiday card photos you should really try to capture the personality of your family. You should not put your husband and kiddos in a tux or formal wear if they never wear it on normal occasions. You want everyone to look comfy in the photo... not robot like. They also suggested that if you have kiddos; try to schedule the picture taking extravaganza during their happiest time of day. For instance, Channing's naptime if from 12-3 usually. I will not be attempting a picture at this time. Although, I want to capture our family as we are... I would rather not torture them for a holiday card photo.

SO, if you haven't checked out Tiny Prints and you haven't chosen your Christmas or Holiday card yet... NOW IS THE TIME! They have amazing deals and they will even send them out for you if you want to spend a little extra and do not have the time. You certainly do not want to buy a great card only to have it sit in the box on a shelf until 2013. Check them out... you will be so happy that you did!!

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