November 23, 2011

A Few Things...

*I always drink from a straw... except when drinking wine
*I have lived in Texas all my life and I don't like country music except for the occasional Dixie Chicks or Miranda Lambert
*I have an obsession with shoes
*I feel very accomplished when I find a good deal... what a rush
*I haven't had a coke in ten years
*These days shopping online is so much easier and who doesnt like getting stuff in the mail
*I don't like fish... but I like shell fish (shrimp,crab,lobster oh and I like sushi)
*The smell of fast food makes me gag
*Love yogurt bars (only if the have cocoa pebbles as a topping)
*Could go to Target every day
*Love to run
*Two fave times of year my birthday month and the holiday season
*Love to blog and read blogs
*Not much of a phone talker...
*Must have at least one cup of coffee in the morning and a red bull is a bonus
*Love Bravo and all reality shows... can't help myself
*Dont run with music... I rather run with nothing but my thoughts
*There was this one time I didnt eat red meat for like 3 years
*I love donuts, waffles and bagels oh and BACON
*I love ramen noodles
*The best crabcakes I ever had were from Steamworks Brewery in Durango CO
*I think I would make a great personal shopper, boutique owner & nursery designer (eh shelbs?)
*Love that I am a middle child & the only girl... love it
*Surprisingly supersticious ie: wont pick up a penny if its tails up etc
*Love Blue Christmas by Elvis (hahahaha) Truth
*Oh holy night is my fave Xmas song
*Love big purses jewelry and high heels and sunglasses... bigger and bolder the better... I call it little women syndrom
*I have never been to New York... sad I know
*One of the only people I enjoy shopping with... my mom
*I watched Home Alone the other night when I was sick by myself and texted my little brother the whole time because he is one of the only people that loves it as much as I do
*Had my Xmas card picture outfit planned for weeks... Channings too...very important!
*Salted Caramel Mocha hands down fave drink from Starby's ever!
*Love chips...
*Prefer salty to sweet most any time
*Obsessed with Salt... See last picture...

Just a few things... I am sure I will have more later

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  1. You dont like country music? I thought that was a requirement to living in TX? :)

  2. Fun post! Love learning more about you :) I am also addicted to salt, yummm! It goes on everything!