November 19, 2011


Today is the last long run for Chandler and I before our Half Marathon on December 4th! Today, probably while you might be reading this, we are running 10 miles at White Rock! This will be our first half together and my first since having Channing. I love love love to run. It is how I like to spend my me time. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and also gives me time to sort my thoughts in the quiet of my run. I remember while training for the marathon 10 miles was a short run. Now we are making arrangements for Channing to spend play time with grandparents, which the so graciously do for her :), so we can spend over an hour running and training for this race. It has a little bit of a different meaning this time around. We have taken time... precious time... to train for this. And we are proud of ourselves. Maybe we will see you out there this year!