November 21, 2011

Lessons Learned!

This weekend started off wonderful! We had a great Friday night and even went to bed VERY early around 8:30 pm (I know we are such party animals). We really went to bed early to rest and get ready for our ten mile run the next morning. We woke up Saturday got ready jumped in the car dropped Channing of at her Grammies and headed to white rock to meet Nick & Danielle to run. I just wasn't into it. It was one of those runs that about halfway through I seriously thought; I don't want to or even care if I finish my ten miles today. I don't know why but I just was not into it at all. I kept running though... and finished and almost immediatly felt horrible. I felt sick and weak and couldn't figure out why. We went to get Channing at her Grammies and I couldnt even eat brunch because I felt so sick. Fast forward to an hour or two later I am laying on the bathroom floor at our house thinking 'I might have to go to the hospital, I feel horrible'. Later on that evening Chandler took Channing to my parents house so they could watch her. We figured out I was really dehydrated. It was scary and finally that evening I could keep liquids and some food down. I have never been great about drinking during workouts... I dont know why but I just never have and it caught up to me Saturday! Lesson learned for sure. I guess every run is a lesson somehow... this was a MAH-JOR one! Now, we are thinking about getting a little professional input on how much I should be eating and drinking when I am working out so much... I do it because I love it... not because I am trying to waste away... so I need to do it right.

Sunday when I was feeling better we went to get Channing from my parents and took her to iHop for breakfast. She ate two pumpkin waffkes, hashbrowns, eggs, two cups of milk and some apple juice. It was so funny... Chandler and I were done eating and she just kept going. We ran some errands and then later that afternoon took her to the park! She loves it at the park and it is so fun to see her so excited! We topped off the weekend by celebrating Grammie's birthday at Twisted Root with a burger! WOW, what a weekend... not really what I had in mind but lessons were learned and thankfully we are all doing great!

This morning she was my little hair helper! Too cute!

Look at this little diva! She is so funny! What a cute Sass-monster!

Short week peeps and I am looking SO foward to it! I love the holidays!! WOOP WOOP!!!!
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  1. Be careful with those long runs friend! They can be killer. Happened to me when training for my first half too. Feel better!

  2. Thanks! And look at those pigtails...what a cutie!!! I have to admit I'm a teensy bit jealous that I don't have a little princess to put pigtails on! :)

  3. omg she is so cute I can't take it. Especially in that pic in the sink before the pig tails. AGHHH!! And the big bow! I used to ALWAYS have a bow on to match my socks as a kid. I did not go anywhere without one. Lord help me if I have a daughter and she doesn't like bows. She will be wearing them regardless!