November 6, 2011

Happy BIG 3-OH To The Hubs!

I wanted to take time on the blog to wish THE BEST husband and father a Happy 30th Birthday! You are an amazing husband and dad. Channing and I are so lucky to have you in our lives. You are funny, thoughtful, loving and caring. You have a laugh that is contagious... That is one of the things I love most about you... but probably the best thing is that you are the BEST father to Channing. She adores you. I guess I always knew you would be a great dad to a human kiddo because you love Benz & Bentley so much but it is just SO AWESOME to watch you with Channing. A dad and a daughter have a special relationship... I know about these things... She will always look up to you and look to you for advice and reassurance... You are pretty amazing Chandler and we love you so much! Happy 30 years and CHEERS to many many many more!

Holding our sweet baby girl... right after she was born!

After my first FULL marathon... He suported me the WHOLE way start to finish!

This picture pretty much sums US up... He livens up my life!

Announcing our pregnancy to our families!

Amazing vacation in Mexico!

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  1. You two make me smile! SO CUTE! Happy Birthday! :)