November 22, 2011

Today Is My Thursday...

Okie dokie peeps. I don't know if I have mentioned it but this time of year is my absolute fave aside from my birthday month! Even the hubby last night said 'we are almost at your second fave time of year babe' and yes, yes we are!

Today I sent Channing to school in her Thankgiving Day outfit for a little trial run and just mostly because I wanted to see the cuteness! She was so cute this morning dancing and singing on the way to school. I love mornings like this one. Just so sweet!

I felt like taking a little self portrait today haha... whats new... but it was a good morning... and I felt good!

Channing rolled over and said 'Mook?' (milk) the very second I went in to wake her up this morning... so I took the opportunity to cuddle and love on her a little extra this morning. I love when she is so cuddley (sp?) and not sick... its the best.

She was pretty cute posing this morning... insisting on sitting down... cute nonetheless!

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