November 3, 2011

It's Ok Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

-to think someone stole my sweet loving Channing for real the last few days only to realize she was still around when she woke up in a FAB sweet loving mood this morning... I thought that sweet girl was lost forever!

-to be REALLY excited about my hubby turning 30 this weekend and REALLY EXCITED to celebrate!

-to just count yesterday as a complete and total BLAH day. Started bad so I just decided I didn't care about much of anything... didnt drink a ton of water, didn't workout, didn't eat healthy...

-to be really excited about the holidays... love this time of year... took my halloween tree down and trying to figure out how to do a Thanksgiving tree!

-to be REALLY pumped with my 5 mile run time the other day.. 43 mins is a new record personally and I was so proud of myself!

-to be late on posting Halloween pics (there are more to come in the next few days!) and late on posting fair pics too!

We (my fam and our friends Shawna & Kingston) went to the Halloween block party in my in laws 'hood on Monday! We always have the best time there... my aunt and uncle live in their 'hood too and I have been going since I was really little so it is neat to take my own kiddo now!

How cute are our little witch ('wish' when you ask Channing) and our little Monkey!?

Bounce house fun... but always spells trouble because Channing LOVES them and DOES NOT want to get out. Plus it was smelly in there... put tons of little kids in there with their smelly shoes off and you have a recipe for YUCK!

They also trick or treated at school on Monday.... Channing really had the hang of it!

MORE to come... I have tons of pics on the camera that need to go on this blog!!! Soon I promise!

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  1. Thats an awesome run time! Id be pumped too!