February 22, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

We started the weekend by getting a glass storm door installed. We can now leave our front door open... YAY!

Chandler made margaritas Friday night and they were good

We went on a family walk Saturday morning

Channing took her first ride in the forward facing car seat and LOVED it!

Channing had a HUGE MAJOR blowout in Target, Momma forgot extra pants, Channing rode around Target the rest of the trip with no pants, people commented on how cute she was and I commented that she usually wears pants!

Target wore her out

I made Oreo Balls and they were SO GOOD

We got ready to go visit Matt and Chels

Channing put on some spring attire on Sunday

Played in the backyard

Sat in the hammock with DaDa

Rode down the driveway on her car and LOVED it

Played ALL over the house

Woke up for good at 8am Monday morning!

Got out ALL of her bibs

Tried to eat one

Hid behind the shower curtain

Played 'peek'

Rolled all over momma and dada's bed

Sat pretty for a picture

Ate a big girl lunch

Then we got ready this morning and went back to school

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  1. She is so cute! .... and I LOVE how you are so good about documenting everything!