February 18, 2011

Big Girl Car Seat

Tomorrow we are getting down the 'Big Girl' car seat and installing it in my car! Chandler already has one that can go from backwards facing to front facing in his truck so he is good to go!Channing will be 11 months old next week and I know I know I know that they say you should wait until they are a year old to put them in a forward facing car seat we are going to do it a month earlier so get over it haha. Channing is sick of facing backwards, she told me, and not being able to see anything. I am sick of getting a crick in my neck every time she needs something from the back seat. Plus, her feet hit the back of the back seat and her legs are all scrunched up back there. She is way past the weight limit requirements and I think it will be well worth our while to make the switch! I think she will enjoy her car trips a little more! I can't believe that she is almost a year old. That is pure craziness to me!

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