February 1, 2011

10 Months & What We Have Been Up To!

Well well well this has been a busy crazy past few weeks. Busy with work and everyday life but also Channing started her new school. She is doing great and her teachers love her. She has two other classmates and they are both boys! She is learning to hold her own... I watched as she stole one little boys toy right out of his hands last week! I haven't posted in a while because we have been fighting sickness for a month or so it feels like. First, Channing started puking in the middle of the night about two weeks ago, but we chalked it up to her throwing fits because we were trying to let her cry it out so she would get herself really worked up and puke. Well, last Friday night she threw up not once but three times. Poor baby was on applesauce and watered down bottles the whole next day and by Sunday she seemed to be better. Well, Sunday after running errands with her I had the brilliant idea to stop by sonic for some chicken strips on my way home. I don't eat fast food all that often and I thought chicken strips were the old stand by! Well, almost exactly 4 hours later I was hugging the porcelain thrown and from that moment on continued ALL night. On top of that Chandler got up to tend to Channing who had become super stuffy and slept with her in our guest room. Monday, by the evening we thought we had some relief. Tuesday went as planned and that night Channing would hardly eat ANY dinner. She has always been a big eater so I thought it was weird. Well, after bedtime she let the flood gates open and puked everywhere. Wednesday she went to school because she slept all night and seemed fine... Wednesday night... puking ensued again and this time with very fast breathing and moaning. Thursday was a doctors visit where she was said to have had bronchitis or something of the like. A sort of virus that is making her puke and breath fast etc. Then she progressively got worse and yesterday we made another trip to the doctor after a sleepless (like really NO SLEEP AT ALL for me) night. It was confirmed she had indeed gotten worse and was given antibiotics to go along with her breathing treatments. Last night was so much better. Just a few mishaps but overall we got more sleep and feel more rested! She has also successfully kept down two bottles of formula and also some applesauce!! WOO HOOO! The snow day has helped us rest a bit because we CANT go anywhere thank goodness. God knows what we need when we need it huh!? Also, the pediatrician called this afternoon to check on Channing girl. That's a good doctor for ya! And yes, if you were wondering... I have a cough and runny/stuffy nose. That's what happens when you have your sick baby sleeping on you for nights on end because she is sick and you are worried about her breathing! We would do anything for this sweet girl and if this is what has to happen for her to feel better that's fine with me.

In other Channing news:

Her hair is growing a lot
She is into everything and knows the word NO (doesn't always listen :) )
Pulls up on everything and is 'cruising' around things, just no walking yet
Eats what we eat usually if we let her try it
Has two teeth and is working on a third... in the middle of being sick... yes that's fun!
Is in 9 month thru some 12 month clothes right now
Says momma and dada and knows who she is talking about
Plays with Bentley our Maltese... Steals her toys
Waves 'hi' and 'bye' and also does this 'so so' sign with her hand... she doesn't mean to but its funny
Is interesting in any 'kid' whether we know them or not... fun when eating out!

I will try to post more pics later... but until then... stay well and warm!

Love Y'all!


  1. Precious picture.

    I hope yall are all feeling better over there! Being sick is not fun.

  2. She is getting so big Kelsey. Hope you guys are all well! HUGS