February 8, 2011

SNOW WAY!!!!!!!

Hahahahaha don't you just LOVE my cleaver title? I am SO OVER this stupid crazy weather. I know it is winter but the constant back and forth is annoying me. I also am aware that we live in Texas where the weather could change every five minutes... but I think I am allowed to be annoyed with it after last week. Being confined to the house is not the way I would like to spend days off with Channing. She was horribly sick last week and is on the mend... at least if we have days to spend together I would like to not be a prisoner to the house!! They are predicting at least 4 inches of snow on top of some ice tomorrow and I bet they are probably right except I am hoping that they are terribly wrong like they were last week... but in the opposite way! :)

I know a lot of kiddos are praying for more snow but I am praying for just the opposite! It is SO pretty but if it snows I would at least like the roads to be drivable! I have to head to Target on my way home tonight also to stock up on my K Cups because my auto delivery was somehow thrown off and I am not supposed to get my next delivery until next week. I have the wine at home now I just need the coffee... this momma cannot be stuck inside without any coffee! Also, I should probably stock up on more food... just in case heaven forbid we are stuck like we were last week! UGHHHH!

This post is basically just a rant... sorry. I will leave you with a cute picture of Channing and Bentley from this morning. Yes, at 4:30am I put Channing in bed with us because after the billionth time she woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep I surrendered and put her in bed with me. I don't care if you think that might not be the best thing for her... this momma (and daddy) need some sleep... 5am comes way too early during the week :).

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  1. I completely agree!!! I'm SO ready for Spring!!!!

  2. That picture is precious. Miss you guys. Hope your doing well :)