February 9, 2011

Stuck Inside AGAIN!

Okie dokie... we woke up got ready and received notice that I was to stay home and avoid the streets! FAB! Ok, well, I was ready to go so I went ahead and got Channing and I dressed. I had some coffee (and no I didn't go to tarjay to get more DANG IT) and fed Chan some breakfast. We played, I have painted my nails, caught up on the real housewives 'lost footage' and put Channing down for a nap. We MAY venture out to the gas station to get mommy a Red Bull... I looked out and can see some people driving... I'm dieing for a Red Bull! If you know me you know how crazy this can make me, not having one that is!

Anyhow... I thought I would post some pics of us at home today and a few others.

The momma just 'hanningggg arooounndd'

This is Julie Tam from channel 5 news in Dallas. She has been put out in this crappy weather since last week hahahaha. I feel bad for her but I can't help but laugh because every time they go out to the 'horrible' weather she is reporting and this morning she was sporting some lovely 'safety' glasses!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA.... I wish Channing knew how funny this was when I was rolling on the floor laughing when I saw this!

Chandler went in to work and was driving with the news 5 weather hummer.

Could she be any cuter?!

Eating my 'Food and Wine' magazine... I don't think a little paper ever hurt anyone...

Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow ( I am singing the song right now as I type) and clear the roads and I will be able to resume normal activity again. Don't get me wrong... I LOVE spending the day with my little 'toot toot' BUT we would really like to be able to go to Target, the park, the mall or something! Please thaw out by tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Channing is adroable! I laughed at that picture of yours news lady...at first i thought it was from teh 80's witht hose glasses and puffy jacket but then read saw they are safety glasses and her jacket is covered with a safety vest!

  2. She's so cute! Hope you're able to venture out tomorrow.