February 14, 2011

Vanetines Day Snaffu!

Well, this morning started out wonderfully! Channing woke up once during the night, I bottled her and she went right back down. Chandler got her this morning when she woke up and she was so happy. Fast forward to me trying to get dressed for work and the water works ensue! She can't stand me not holding her some mornings and this girl just has to deal, I feel horrible but its true. I HAVE to get dressed for work and she HAS to learn it is OK to not be held every second. But, to her credit we think some teeth are making their debut and they are killing her. She hates anytime I dress or undress her no matter what. So combine dressing with teeth hurting and momma not holding her every second this morning led to this below... She did get happier before we got in the car but poor baby was having a hard time! She is still so DANG CUTE even when she is crying. LOVE her to pieces!!

This is the ' I can't believe you are doing this to me' pose

'OK, I will stop crying but I won't smile'!

Trying hard not to smile

This is the smile I was able to coax out of her this morning! Hey, it works!

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