February 12, 2011

Saturday Saturday!

OK, so this picture is from Friday afternoon when I went to pick Channing up from school! They were just about to go on their daily buggy ride and I just had to snap a picture before she truly realized I was there or my opportunity would have been long gone. But, seriously, how cute is that!?

We were up early this morning to get Channing and I ready for our day. She was going to spend the day with Breen and Pop (my parents) while I went to get my hair done and get an oil change at VW... it took 3 hours... the oil change that is.

While with Breen and Pop, Channing went to Sams with them. She stood in the cart and hugged on some TP. The girl loves Sams though... who doesn't? Sams and Costco has EVERYTHING!!!!

Thanks to my sweet friend Valerie for transforming my hair once again! I wanted a change and I am a brunette naturally, I know I had all of you fooled, but when I got there we found pics of Bethanny Frankle and Kyle Richards instantly and decided... WE HAD TO DO IT! I am sure I will go blonde again sometime... Maybe next fall haha.
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