February 13, 2011

Sunday Funday!

Our Sunday started off with a GREAT brunch at Primos on the lake!

Channing and her twin, I mean dad!

Bottomless Mimosas then mixed with cranberry! Thanks good waitress!


Ok, so don't judge! At the salon yesterday one of Valerie's clients was raving about this 'Bota Box' of wine! They aren't just your generic red/white, they actually have a great variety and I picked up the Malbec! I will write a review later! The Grammies are tonight and we are going to 'pop' this puppy open and give it a try!

Later this morning at the grocery store, I forgot my reusable bags, and the darling bag boy decided to hurt the planet a little more by putting ONE can in a bag and that's it!

Chandler washed 'Flossy' for me!

Channing and I took a run!

Then she zonked out and is napping while we sit on the back patio and enjoy the weather!

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