November 27, 2012

Catch Up!

We had a GREAT Thanksgiving holiday but we have been so busy since that I am just now getting around to posting pics!
I am happy to note though that ALL of my Xmas shopping will be done this afternoon! YAY!

Thanksgiving morning we went as a family of 3 to run the Turkey Trot in Dallas!

Post Race Refueling


Then we went to my parents house for the rest of the day!

The girls made cookies!

Channing had a BLAST playing with her cousin Judah

It was so pretty outside that day that we played all afternoon outside!

The next morning we went to cut our tree down!
We started with breakfast a drinks at a local eatery!


We go to Wintergreen Farms in Van Alstyne TX and this year the revamped the kids area... Channing loved the little playground!

This made me laugh... a mini tree on a mini car!

NO JOKE... we met a little girl (below) on the hayride to the tree field named...
How CRAZY is that! So fun!

The whole thing wore the Chan's out!

Why does he insist on sitting in the Maltese's bed and not his?

Headed to shop with Breen

Saturday night dinner at Zanata!

She may have been bribed to behave at dinner with ice cream.... it was actually well deserved because she did amazing!

The Griswold Balch Family Tree.... 

Loving the sparkles this time of year!

Me and my girl Monday before school! This month I plan on having her in something Christmas themed every day!


Funny Face this morning!


Happy Tuesday!
Did you guys get some GREAT deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?!

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  1. Done with Christmas shopping? I'm not quite halfway there...and still trying to figure out what to get some family members. You're my hero!

  2. How cute is your little one in leopard!??

    Pearls & Paws

  3. LOL! It's a BEAUT CLARK!!! Love it! You and your fam are adorable!!!! I wish we lived closer!!