November 12, 2012


  • Channing started singing 'Jesus loves me' this morning on the way to school. cutest thing ever hands down
  • I am REALLY looking forward to moving in the new year. The daily drive is about to WEAR.ME.OUT
  • We started Homeland and I LOVE IT... didn't think I would
  • RHOBH's started again... its one of my FAVES
  • I am choosing to ignore all the political talk for the next week or so... annoysballs
  • I am ready to put up Christmas decor...
No makeup road trip style
Channing watching Toy Story on the way to Houston
Nails of the weekend

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  1. Just reading through all your posts and had to comment on this one due to the sheer fact that annoysballs is now my new fave word! Going to use it all the time! Love your adorable family and adorable blog :) Hope for sickie free days ahead. My little (who is almost 10) had a lightening fast tummy buy a few days ago too. Hope Channing is on the mend! xo