December 3, 2012

Happy Monday!

We had a fun busy weekend and it went by way too fast... AS ALWAYS!
We started Saturday morning celebrating Jack's birthday at 'Pump it Up'
What a cool place for kiddos! Channing loved it even though I think she was a little overwhelmed by it all. 

She found one bounce house she loved and wanted to do it herself the whole time!

Could barely stop her for a picture!

Chandler finally convinced her to go down the BIG slide with him!

Trying to get all the kiddos rounded up for a picture!

Since it was a morning party there were donuts!

Channy and I hanging out that afternoon!

Where did that blonde hair come from?!

We decided to take her to the Wylie Xmas parade... It was kind of A LOT boring so we bailed and went to dinner instead!

We ended the night making Channing pose with the snowmen!

Chandler had his LAST long run before the marathon Sunday morning and so Channing and I went to the park and 'on a walk'

To end the weekend on a FUN note I surprised Channing and put glow sticks in her bath last night...

I also made 'Salted Caramel' cake balls for Chandler's office!

My pattern combo for today!

And this sweet picture of Channing...
Dont we all feel like this on Monday's?

Please say a prayer for Chandler. He has caught a bad cold and this next Sunday is his marathon. Please pray that he feels 100% by this weekend! He has trained SO hard for this!
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