November 14, 2012

Random Wednesday!

I am linking up with Shanna today!
This is truly going to be a  VERY random post.
This morning started out just about like every other morning in our house. We rushed out the door like we always do (Channing and I) and headed to drop her off at school. About 10 minutes into the drive she started saying 'my tummy hurts', so I asked her if she needed to go potty. She said yes and I told her if she could hold it I would take her at school. We had JUST exited the highway to head towards the school and all hell broke loose. SICK everywhere... and I mean EVERYWHERE!
I will spare the deets but long story short we headed back home. Chandler was able to work from home today so he came home to take care of Channing so I could head into work to get some things done. WOW, didn't expect that on a Wednesday morning... a Monday maybe but not today... Just goes to show you that motherhood really is a true adventure every day HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
side note... Channing is sleeping and seems to be feeling better. WHEW!
Channing has been doing this thing she calls being a 'spider' and she sticks her two fingers out like this and usually does some funny pose. I think she is acting like they are the spider legs... who knows really but it is FUNNY! I asked her to do it in the bath last night so I could take a pitcure and this is what I got haha.
When we went to Houston last week we were able to meet up with my cousin and her kiddos and her SIL and her twins. It was so much fun and the park was amazing for the kids! SO much to do and Channing could do most of it on her own!
We've had some cool weather here lately (thank you Lord)  and this was Channing on Monday morning all bundled up!
Back to the Houston park... sliding with cousin Zachary
Sleeping baby on the way home from Houston... this was right after a full on meltdown at the restaurant we ate brunch at... it even impressed me. This was sweet quiet time!
New Starby's cup! Keeps my coffee hot ALL the way to work.
Channing wanted my friend Danielle (who we stayed with in Houston) to play 'hide and seek' with her... in this picture she was 'hiding' in FRONT of the grill... but you know how it goes... if I can't see them I bet they can't see me hahaha!
I am a little TOO excited about my new phone case. Ordered this puppy on eBay! LOVE IT!
This is today's outfit #2 after this mornings happenings.
I took this 'selfie' yesterday afternoon and I thought it turned out cool... but then I thought I looked mad which I wasn't at all... oh well.
Me and Channy Lou after school yesterday! Like mother like daughter!
Danielle and I went out sans kid for lunch in Houston... it was delightful
More park time with sweet cousins!
Sweet love with my Channing
EARLY morning play time
Silly girls
And last but not least... my current read.


  1. Oh man I totally understand the sick day. My little has been sick since Monday night. Not fun at all. And we head out of town tomorrow...exactly what he doesn't need! Love your outfit #2. If that happened to me, I think my second outfit wouldn't be so cute! Popping over from Random Wednesday.

  2. OMG!! Why am I just now following your blog???? I love your IG photos, but feel like a ding dong for not visiting here sooner!!! Thanks a million for linking up. And I hope Channing is doing better!! She is such a cutie pie!!! And LOVE that name by the way! xoxo