November 22, 2012


  • for Family this includes everyone!
  • for the sweetest baby girl on the planet
  • for health
  • for my savior
  • for friends that are more like family
  • for clean water to drink
  • for plenty... to eat, to wear
  • for a house that is a home
  • for a car to drive
  • for a good job
  • for happiness
  • for the ability to run
  • for good doctors
  • for our sweet CRAZY dogs
  • for a bed to sleep in at night
  • for freedom
and also lets be honest here....
  • for Red Bull
  • for coffee
  • for good sales
  • for wine
  • for mascara
  • for champagne
  • for sequins, leopard and glitter
  • for my readers.the fun opportunities that have come with it.the new friends Ive made

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