November 16, 2012



Well friends... we have FINALLY made it! I felt like this week was DRAGGING on.
I am SO happy that it is the freakin weekend!

No GREAT pic of my outfit today but here is what I posted on IG.


Sweater: ASOS/ Button Up: Banana Republic (old)/ Snow Leopard Shorts: Forever 21/ Shoes: Merona via TARJAY

My vintage earrings.... close up!

Our SWEET DOLLFACE this morning!!

And my polish today!
Made by Venique Nail Laquer in 'Whiskey Vamp'
  • Been craving cranberry salsa lately... I've decided to make it for T Giving! Recipe here!
  • Getting my hair trimmed today... decided against ombre because I realized that Kyle Richards would probably never taint her hair like that and she is my hair idol!
  • I've decided I am going to try some sequin pants... Keep and eye out on my Thanksgiving photos hahaha!
  • I have an exciting review and giveaway coming up on the blog next week! You won't want to miss it! TRUTH
  • I am hosting an Online Vintage Couture party starting on BLACK FRIDAY! Keep an eye out for ALL the deets.
  • I need to have a REALLY good run this weekend... it is good for the soul!
  • Excited about the Turkey Trot next week... FIRST year we are taking Channing and running it together!
  • Check out this AMAZING giveaway at Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams!
  • I saw this lady at Target the other day with that Chex Mix that looks like 'puppy chow' and I resisted the temptaion to get it.... but I can no longer resist... I cannot get it out of my head! NEED.TO.GET.IT.NOW!
Happy Friday!
xo xo

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  1. Yeay! Thanks, Babe! =) LOVE your shoes & your nails & your little Angel…as ADORABLE as it gets! And Girl…I SO want that Chex Mix now! =) LOL! LOVE that stuff! Happy Friday, Honey! Have a PERFECT weekend! XO