November 1, 2012

Its OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays
To be thinking about Channing's Halloween costume for next year...
She will probably have
something else in mind!
Source: via Kendra on Pinterest
To want to wear one of these 'turban' type hats/headbands but not be sure that I can pull it off!
To be thinking about Christmas already... Oh wait it is NOT that far away! 
 To want one of these monogrammed sweatshirts from Holly Go Design Co!
To post a few picrtures from my iPhone from last night. We went to my in-law's neighborhood block party that I have actually been going to for a LONG time because my Aunt and Uncle live in the same hood! They have games and a bounce house (Channing's FAVE) and it is super fun. This was the first year Channing REALLY loved it and loved playing all the little games!
While you guys are here... go here and check out Neely's giveaway today!
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A Complete Waste of Makeup

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  1. I looooove those monogrammed sweatshirts, I may have to just give in and buy myself one!