September 12, 2012


I am trying to make these posts interesting. YES I do have a FAB camera but finding someone to take model-esque pictures of me every day is HARD!  The hubster leaves VERY early for work and I am still usually working on my hair and I am usually still in my PJs and that wouldn't make a great #OOTD post believe me! I don't even really know if anyone other than my family cares to see me outfits every day haha. But, it is fun! I did download a picture taking timer on my iPhone and I had some fun playing with it in my office today! Enjoy hahahaha!


Oh what? I'm busy working. 

Now I am lounging in the front office.... hoping nobody gets off of the elevator!


  • Blazer: Jules and Leopold from Stein Mart (seriously like $6 on clearance)
  • Necklace: Anthro knock-off from the cute little shops in the town of Wimberly TX
  • Oversized T-shirt: Target
  • Jeans: J Brand
  • Shoes: Ralph Lauren found at Ross 
Happy Wednesday!

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