September 4, 2012

A NEW Hair Care FAVE


This has to be one of my all time FAVE Shampoo and Conditioners I have ever tried. Yes, I loved Moroccan Oil but the price annoyed me EVERY TIME I bought it. I have VERY coarse hair that is very thick and wavy... not in a good way wavy. Fresh off of a trim I decided I wanted to try a new shampoo and conditioner... I happened to find this and I have NOT been disappointed. 

Shampoo description from the Matrix web site:
Micro-Oil Shampoo
  • Weightless oil replenishment for smooth, shiny, silky hair
  • Paraben free
Conditioner description from the Matrix web site:
Oil Créme Conditioner
  • Oil replenishment that restores shine and manageability
  • Paraben free

I am telling you... it has made my hair so shiny and silky... NOT an EASY thing to do. If you love Moroccan Oil then you should def try this... in my opinion it works better and not only does it work better... it is less expensive! You wont be let down if you decide to try it.... PROMISE!!!!

(no I wasn't asked to review this... I just did because I love you guys and thought you needed to know about it! You're welcome :)  all of the information came from the Matrix web site.... giving credit where credit is due)


  1. I'm definitely trying this!! I used to use Moroccanoil too and just couldn't justify the cost anymore :(

  2. I wonder if they have something opposite - mine is opposite, it's naturally oily all the time!

  3. Thanks for posting about this! I was getting ready to bite the bullet and buy the Morrocan Oil line, glad I didn't! Can you buy this line @ Ulta? (Mama's got a coupon!)