September 27, 2012

Its OK Thursday & #OOTD & Some Other Fun Things!

Its Ok Thursdays
Its OK to post pictures from Pinterest just because I like them....

And now for the rest of the fun things:
Above is a sneak peak at Channing's BIG GIRL furniture that is being refinished as we speak! 
Loving it loving it.... Can't wait to show you guys the whole room when it is finished!

I created a sale site on Instagram and you should go follow it and buy things! Search @shopwithkelsey
I will continue posting new things all the time... right now there are a few baby things, some shoes and books... but I will update here and there so go check it out!

It is no secret I love Bethenny and yesterday the Green Lemonade was delivered! YAY!
I can't wait to try it here in a few minutes.... hoping it tastes great! Maybe I will review it for you guys!

Last night I was cooking dinner and I hear a tiny voice behind me say 'look at me Momma' 
Channing had climbed on the island and was looking all cute! Before I told her to get down I told her to stay for a picture and then I told her not to do it again... wonder how that will work out for me!

And now.... #OOTD

Chambray shirt: Forever 21/White Skinny Jeans: Old Navy/Leopard Pumps: Jessica Simpson/Watch: Michael Kors
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  1. Found you from the link-up. What a creative post! I'm loving your photos from pinterest!!

    I hope you visit my blog and check out my Fall giveaway! It ends soon!

  2. Love your outfit! I'm interested how that green lemonade tastes!

  3. 1. The outfit with the red jeans... GET IN MY CLOSET! 2. You must post on the green lemonade, I want to try it but heard it taste like a freshly mowed lawn (YUCK) 3. Your OOTD is adorable! I'm so jelly of your style mama!