September 17, 2012

NYLO & TJ Wine Winner!

We started our COOL weather weekend by catching some Backyardigans on the patio!

Saturday afternoon we took Channing to her Grammie & Papa Scott's House for the evening and we headed to meet friends at Sfuzzi in Las Colinas and then headed to Nylo for the night. 

It was a GREAT Travelzoo deal and we had so much fun!

So BOTH Chandler and I ordered the 'make your own' mimosa bar and the waiter neglected to tell us that one was enough for probably 4 people so needless to say we had enough to share with Tami & Bryson and some leftover!

The only pic of Tami & I Saturday night... 
I do not know why I am so slumped down... oh well

Yesterday afternoon it was cool out and rained off and on all day so Channing played a little bit in it.
She didnt take a nap yesterday so there were some 'tired' crying moments and then a nod off or two before I took her to the store with me... She did GREAT there!!

Since it was raining I didn't want to run outside and I would rather not run on the treadmill so I opted for the elliptical! Wow I forgot how good the hill workout is... That is what I did most of my pregnancy because running wasn't very comfortable.

New neutral and sparkle polish for the week... or a few days depending if it all chips off or not!

Channing and Bentley cuddling this morning... It was REALLY cute!

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  1. Looks like a fun weekend! :) And mimosa bar? LOVE it!