September 10, 2012

Cold Front

This weekend it FINALLY cooled off a bit in DFW! YAY!!!!

It put a smile on so many faces including every face in my house! I think even the dogs were smiling!

Channing had a ROUGH night last night. I don;t know why but she was up from about 1:30 to almost 4am!
Maybe a bad dream poor baby... but this was her on the ride to school... she hardly ever falls asleep anymore on the way to school!

Last nights dinner was picture worthy for sure

hahahaha a friend sent me this... MAYBE the best line ever from RHWONY

I went to the new Trader Joes in Plano yesterday.... it was cool! I loved it!


Channy looked SO cute all snugg in her sweat suit Sunday morning!

Our first PUMPKIN SPICE WAFFLES of the season... you can find them at Target and they are Eggo brand and they are YUMMY!

Sitting outside in long sleeves... YAY

Just making a little art!

Saturday evenings appetizers!

I should NOT have bought these... I am almost done with the WHOLE package...

Minty nails!

My mom and Channing snuggling on Friday night!

Hope you guys had a great weekend!!

Also wanted to brag on my HUBBY for a minute.... he is training  for the Dallas Marathon this year and ran an awesome time for his ten mile run Sunday morning!  WAY TO GO!!!

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  1. You go Mr. Balch! I joke that if you ever see me running, call 911 because someone must be chasing me! LOL! Love Channing's sweet sweats and boots! Y'all are the cutest!