September 4, 2012

Love Long Weekends!

LOVED my slept on wavy hair Friday morning.... Score didn't have to do my hair that day!

Waiting for Breen Friday afternoon at CCDC because momma forgot to put the car seat back in her car.... oops!

Friday night relaxation with my sleepy time tea and US Weekly & The Hills marathon on MTV....
Living the dream!

My mom and dad got Channing an EARLY... WAY EARLY Christmas present. The cutest little table and chairs ever.... She LOVES it!

While Daddy was dove hunting we played IN the water table!

We also ate Nutella sandwiches...

And shared popsicles

Sunday morning Chandler had a 9 mile run so we decided to head to white rock with him. I ran with Channing in the BOB to the little playground there and we played until Chandler passed us.... we handed him some cold water and ran back to meet him at the car! I only ran about 3 miles.... 

BUT the playground was a blast! I think we may get a fall pass to the arboretum... this may be a weekly thing!

Such a big girl .... she climbed this over and over by herself!

We slid down the slide together....

This thing was HILAIRE.... I don't know why but it made me laugh so hard! It barely moved and she tried SO hard to get it to rock hahahaha.

First Pumpkin beer of the season! YES... now just waiting for the weather to cool off!

Channing had a picnic for 'Pink' the bear... 'Baby'... and 'Ladybug'

Pretty stinking CUTE!

Where did my baby go?!

I have been looking for this FOREVER... I actually read something that rated it one of the BEST flavors and I had to find it of course... Target once again I LOVE YOU!

Labor Day fun 

long boarding with Daddy

Helping Daddy work on her bike that she was finally able to peddle by herself since he added blocks to the peddles so she could reach them!

Ice Cream MONSTER!

LOTS of popsicles this weekend

Snuggling after bath!

Hope you all had a GREAT long weekend... 
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  1. sounds like a fantastic weekend :) I've been totally watching the Hills marathon as well! ha.

  2. Looks like a fun weekend. Shes getting so big Kelsey :(