September 13, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things...

A Few Of My Favorite Things

A few people have asked me what I use daily for my make-up... well, here it is... most of it anyhow!
I absolutely love trying new makeup things but I do not have a huge budget for it plus I would much rather spend money on clothes and shoes. But, it is VERY important to me to look presentable every day. And E.L.F. is one of my FAVE brands to use. First of all it is inexpensive and second of all very good quality. I have loved everything that I have tried. You can find a pretty good selection in store at Target but you can also order online here or at and other online retailers like that!

I think Maybelline Volume'express 'the MEGA PLUSH' my FAVE mascara of all time so far 

Seriously  if you are looking for a new mascara for a GREAT price try it! 

I also use Jane Iredale brushes... I LOVE them. 
They were a gift a few years ago from my mom. 

I wash my face with Obagi Foaming Gel

Right now I am using this shampoo and conditioner

Emollience is my all time FAVE moisturizer for my face

Spornette Round brushes are my brush of choice
The 'Smooth Operator' is my all time FAVE!

OH and I almost forgot the Makeup Mist & Set by E.L.F

My new fave go to purse gloss!
You can buy it here...

I think that might be it for this post! I hope you have found some new things you might want to try and for all of you inquiring minds.... this is what I love to use!


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  1. I am shocked that you use ELF!! You are always so flawless so I must check ELF out. I have heard everyone buzzing about it for years and you just convinced me!! MUAH! I need to try out the shampoo/conditioner too.